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George M James

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George M. James has been writing books focused mainly on Special Forces / Covert Counterterrorism Operations in Sub Saharan Africa.

His books combine history with realistic simulations of situations that have happened, all combined to make a fiction novel unlike any other.

We are thrilled to be able to spread the word regarding GMJ, who has currently 3 non-fiction and 47 fiction books.

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Fiction, soon to be available in audio book format

Coming Soon

Schalk W Fourie, better known simply as SW, reveals his journey from growing up in Namibia to his story in the famous  Army Special Forces of South Africa. 

This is a read that is so incredible you will forget that it is non-fiction!

A book for entrepreneurs and start-ups. A book that will make a difference. Jacques Coetzee takes you through his extraordinarily successful practices to prepare you for whatever you decide is your next step in business. You will leave this book with a clear view on what is expected. A written plan that can be used to raise money to get your idea off paper and into the world where it should be. You will have a clearer understanding of Strategy, Business, Commercialization and basic Business Law when done.
Written together with good friend and legal advisor, Jacobus Kotze 

All our books are written with love, adventure and to learn from.

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