Surviving a terrorist attack

It is highly regrettable that we live in perilous times where terrorist attacks are a fact of life. Particularly if you live in the USA or Western Europe, but they can happen anywhere.

It really does not matter whether the attack is from radicals; Muslim, Christian or Atheist, or the criminally insane - it is happening.

It is predicted in this book that a terrorist attack will take place every three months in the USA or Western Europe in the foreseeable future... since publication in 2016 nothing has changed to challenge this prediction.

It can happen to you and it usually does when least expected. The threat is very real and if so, what then? What do you do to survive? What can you do? How do you protect your family, yourself during such an attack? What happened in the past? What is the most likely scenario taking place in the future? What does the police expect you to do if anything? What happens if taken hostage and a rescue takes place?

Do you understand the “Entebbe Principle” in use by most SWAT and Special Forces Rescue Teams worldwide? The different types and phases of kidnapping? What do the words “Double Tap” mean to you? Do you know what pipe bombs, pressure cooker bombs, or any type of non-Hollywood high explosives, military, civilian or homemade look like?

Do you know which attack looks like a looming attack? The signs are always there to spot. Can you read the warning signs from body language? What do you do at a crime scene? How do you deal with the media after surviving an attack? Do you understand that no matter what you say or how you say it even, the mainstream media will twist your words around to make you look bad, leading to all sorts of legal problems later?

Do you understand bullet ballistics, what bullets can do and what they can’t? The different types of weapons habitually used in terrorist attacks, and what they look like? The profile of a modern terrorist?

This book will show you how to effectively deal with a surprise terrorist attack before the police arrive to take over. They cannot be everywhere and for the time being, you will be on your own depending on your wits and prior training to survive and if possible, counterattacking to end a mass killing before it starts.

Terrorist Takedown takes a hard look at the current wave of terrorism in America and elsewhere.

The author’s analysis of what happened before and what can be learned from these prior attacks imparts a knowledge that few are privy to.

The following topics will be discussed with expert knowledge and in detail; weapons & ballistics, terrorism counteractions, hostage survival, dealing with crime scenes, the media, working safely with found explosives such as pipe bombs and protecting yourself and your family from harm.

Ronald Reagan explained preventative measures best when negotiating with the last Soviet Premier Gorbachev on strategic missile defence systems (SDI). The President explained that in World War Two and since, fully functioning gas masks were available to all soldiers and most civilians as a matter of course. All the Armies, Allied and Axis, had gas shells available, none used them because of the clear threat of retaliation. Nevertheless, the soldiers and civilians carried their gas masks along anyhow, in case they were needed.

You cannot go wrong by being prepared, by knowing what to do in an emergency, especially if you live where we know that attacks can occur.

The knowledge and survival skills inside Terrorist Takedown can save lives as 99% of people, unless ex-Special Forces, will not know how to survive a terrorist attack and they will die needlessly.

This is also a book which every firearm enthusiast will enjoy and learn from.

Based on experience and written by a former policeman & lawyer and security expert, Terrorist Takedown is instructive, practical and to the point with pictures added where necessary to explain the contents on how to take a terrorist down and to survive.

All our books are written with love, adventure and to learn from.

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