Protecting yourself and family from violent crime and criminals

The security industry is one of the fastest growing industries in South Africa, keeping pace with the tourism sector and it is needed. The released crime statistics make for horrendously bad reading and do not need to be repeated here, but if the same amount of murders should take place in a country with the population of America, 117,000 murders a year would happen. Such statistics would lead to a public outcry and resignations from the politicians carrying the burden of responsibility via the offices they swore to uphold.

It is not only mass murders that take place in South Africa, 18,000 a year if not more, one every 30 minutes, but the amount of brutality and violence involved in the murders, hijackings, house invasions that make these violent crimes unique in the world. Nowhere else in the world do we find the same violence except in war-ravaged countries and not even there.

Then there is torture. It is virtually assured that torture from the burning of the victims’ flesh with hot irons to much worse will happen during any home invasion. Whatever you may imagine, rape included will happen and happens regularly.

Clearly, the legal system has failed and so did the South African Police Service for reasons discussed inside the book. You are on your own. Your security is in your hands and you must be preventative or fail. Most of the security and safety measures to be taken and advised in Safety Net are to be done long before any violent attack takes place, and nothing works in isolation, you need to many defensive layers and plan for the worst-case scenarios.

We study past criminal acts in this book, we look at how the criminals operate, and we advise how to counter them in the future as well as dealing with other threats which you may not even know about.

Safety Net exposes which popular security measures are not effective as stated by the armed robbers themselves, and yet sold to the public by overeager salespeople.

This is probably the most serious problem we have right now, a completely false sense of security.

You are sold a basic alarm system coupled to an armed response team, the same laws apply as to a cell phone contract, and you think you are safe... according to the robbers themselves you are not, they do not fear either an alarm nor armed response very much as they know how to overcome both.

They do fear CCTV if recording online, a dog inside the house and quite a few other measures that you can invest in, but mostly it starts with training to be aware and to make life easier for the responders, be it the police, armed response or medical.

Something as simple as ensuring that your house is clearly marked by a street number may save your life. From my own police experience, I know how hard and frustrating it is to be unable to find the correct street address because the number is hidden behind a bush or simply not there.

Seconds count when you are bleeding, remember that, if you cannot be found, you cannot be rescued.

Safety Net deals with layered defensive systems and much more, also the JKLS System of self-defence perfected by the author.

The JKLS System is proven to have saved souls across the globe and one that costs no money to implement, it is simple and thus highly effective.

This book will change the way you look at your security for the better and not only in South Africa, whatever is said here will work anywhere else as well.

Safety Net is based on personal as well as many years of police and criminal justice experience.

This book is a must read for home and business owners anxious about the safety of their families and workers from violent criminal attack.

All our books are written with love, adventure and to learn from.

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