Poetry Calling

and I'm falling in Love with words again

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 I recently found these poems in a series of notebooks, gathering dust on a shelf in a closet. When I started reading them, I was expecting that I would simply toss them into the bin, I was surprised at how many there were and that I liked them! And so I decided to at least put them into the computer…

During this same period, I was also drawing, well more like doodling, and when I started looking at them the same thing happened! I was surprised at the number I had done, and they really really wanted to join the poems.

So here they are along with the words in what has become a book.

The sole intention is that you are inspired, entertained, uplifted or perhaps even contemplative…


As time passes, I am more and more aware of how important good thoughts, feelings and how precious these moments are when all feels right (no matter what!)

By taking the time to relax, and read a poem, chances are you will be in a good spot! And THAT is time WELL spent!

May your day and life be overflowing with a simple, yet profound joy.

This book contains over 60 short illustrated poems.

All our books are written with love, adventure and to learn from.

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