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Updated: Jun 12, 2020

Our new book is coming soon!

I made a whole bunch of free videos for authors regarding publishing secrets. One of the subjects, under "Legalities", was the name of the book. Strangely, it is not always what you want that appears on the cover after publication. Before using a name you should do a Google search to see if it was used before. There must be no confusion. Any confusion and you are open to being sued. Of course, it is what came first that is important. Whoever follows is the copycat in law.

I had such a difficulty, with my other series, where a book's name was virtually copied by another author (not with any known mala fides) and confusion reigns to this day. I have no doubts that many readers bought my book when they, actually, wanted the other. If so, well, you should have read the description and author name better. I cannot be blamed and I will not be blamed. I was first with the name and since it is part of a series of 50-books, that it will stay. I am not changing. Nevertheless, it did leave a bad taste with some readers.

So when my wife asked me to write a book with her, and “When Does It End?” saw the light of day a few weeks later, I did the Google search. Our first choice would have been something different than “When Does It End?” We had wanted to call the new book after the main character, a female member of the Armée Juive, or Jewish Army, a Zionist resistance movement created in 1942 in Toulouse, France, that would rescue Jews from certain death. But the name “Sapphire” was already taken by several other books, a television series, and more. To avoid confusion we settled on “When Does It End?” That is a unique name for a book.

It would thus be natural to call the next one, now with the editors, “Where Does It End?” Because both books deal with the lesser-known aspects of World War Two history, and the Holocaust, the names have a double meaning. There are times when you must stand back and look at life, at the injustices, the cruelty of man, and ask: When and where does it end? Of course, it will not end. As long as hate and war are glorified as is racism and anti-Semitism, the next genocide is just around the corner. It might be small, it might be large, but the consequences for the individual are the same. It is evil in concept.

Where Does It End?” is a wartime operation to rescue a large group of Jews, men, women, children, and those that assisted them, from Occupied France, Toulon. There are unique problems in doing so. It is much harder than with a small group as happened in the first book. For me, with my background, the planning phase of any operation is much more enjoyable than the shooting part which anyone with the right training can do. Therefore, in most of my books, even the other series, there is no need for graphic violence. I do not glorify death, I have seen too much of it. So I deal with technical aspects, history, lots of history, making all my books factually correct. Should such an operation ever take place this is how it would have played off in the best scenario. In the worst scenario, which would be very possible too, it could completely fail.

I like this type of thing. The research is even better when you already have substantial knowledge of the time period. , I believe, it is the small details that make for interesting reading. Therefore, we deal with the history skipped over by English speaking historians trying to protect their hero, Winston S. Churchill, 33-degree Freemason and proud Druid Priest. A man that believed not in the afterlife according to his own confessions. We deal in detail with his cowardly attack on the French naval base at Mers-el-Kébir to impress Franklin Delano Roosevelt, another 33-Degree Freemason as were almost every single US President. This makes for fascinating reading as well as the references (explanations) to the now forgotten Spanish Civil War.

Where Does It End?” will be available soon on Amazon and in paperback. It is a 400-page book, exciting, historically accurate, and continuing the story. Will there be a third book? Yes, why not. Who knows? It does not take me longer than 3-weeks to write a book. The name? No idea! But I will keep you posted. Soon, I hope.

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