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I wrote 62 books at the time of writing this blog. Obviously, I learned a few things which I shared in a series of short video clips free at You are welcome to look at them. This blog deals with the one named “Five Reasons to Write A Book.”

Let us look at the reasons to write a book. There are surprisingly many and each writer/author has his/her own reasons. The one I need to warn against is money. You will almost certainly be disappointed by sales. If you earn more than $20,000 a year you are doing extremely well. Most authors will make enough money to buy a meal at a restaurant and no more. So I say, don’t waste money on cockroaches (coaches) to assist you with marketing, publishing, and whatever else they sell. Talk to those that are in the business and able to give advice. When spending money please remember how much time you spent on time already writing your book.

What about personal reasons, curing an injustice, or speaking up on whatever is important to you? Yes, a very good reason. When I wrote the first books, the Police Mean Streets Series, I was out of the police for twenty years and still having nightmares and flashbacks. The South African Police Force, sometimes called the Apartheid Police, was not the Mickey Mouse Sheriff Departments at all. We were heavily involved in counterterrorism, counterinsurgency, violent unrest, and policing a very violent place in between. By writing the books I got to explain our side of the story and that helped me tremendously. The nightmares are almost gone. Perhaps you have a story to tell that will help someone else, then do so, please. Write that book.

Then, professional reasons. I assure you that a professional man or woman that wrote a few books on their specialist area will be, should be, and ought to count for more than the one that only has the same degrees. Therefore, it makes sense to write a specialist non-fiction book even if no one reads it. Sales don't matter here, your resume reads better than those competing for the same job. There are great reasons to write a book for professional reasons.

Lastly, simply because you want to write. It is in your DNA, this is your dream, you like playing with words. You want to see your name on that novel which is already formed inside your head. Why not? This too is a good reason. Sit down and start telling the story, it really is not difficult. No one will reject your manuscript, you don’t need permission to publish and unless you are writing hate speech, a big no, the road to your book is open. Just do it!

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