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July 2020!


“Some entrepreneurs succeed in failing because they don’t observe, others fail to succeed because they don’t listen but most are successful failures because their egos interfere with both”.  - Jacques Coetzee


 “Business is not easy. It may be exciting but you constantly make decisions that will have serious consequences later.. Only the tough survive.” - Koos Kotze

“It’s EASY to start a business almost anywhere… come on, really it is. The challenge is not 'starting', it’s continuing with the same joy, aspiration and motivation that is for most –challenging beyond almost anything else.” – Rebecca Kotze


A book for entrepreneurs and start-ups. A book that will make a difference. Jacques Coetzee takes you through his extraordinarily successful practices to prepare you for whatever you decide is your next step in business. You will leave this book with a clear view on what is expected. A written plan that can be used to raise money to get your idea off paper and into the world where it should be. You will have a clearer understanding of Strategy, Business, Commercialization and basic Business Law when done.

Written together with good friend and legal advisor, Jacobus Kotze, this book has decades of knowledge packed into one easy to understand manuscript. Don’t underestimate the risks in business. You will be swimming with sharks. Without knowledge you will be eaten alive. Your idea might even be stolen.


All our books are written with love, adventure and to learn from.

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