When Does It End?


This is a historical story about the journey of a British Special Operations Executive agent, Vincent Paul, sent to Occupied France in December 1942 to meet a mysterious agent in Lyon. He does not know what to expect. He suspects that the mission is outside the usual and that more is involved than just the war effort. He is right, he is to assist the Jewish Army operating covertly inside Occupied France rescuing Jews and especially Jewish children. It will not be easy, besides the feared Gestapo, there are also traitors. The risk of betrayal, capture, and death is very real. Where can the trapped Jews go? Nobody, no country, wanted them without the correct paperwork.

“When does it end?” explores the lesser-known aspects of the Jewish Holocaust, linking the dots and pointing out how many attempts were made to prevent the massacres. 

In the end, the Jews started rescuing themselves against all odds. A lot more happened besides known history – this book is one of them.

Unknown History of WWII—A Secret Jewish Victory April 3, 2020

"We've all been fed a steady stream of Jews-as-victims stories about WWII but here's an interesting twist where Jews actually won. Yes, in spite of the perception of the Jews as meek and passive players in the drama of that war, they had a well-organized intelligence and resistance organization that coordinated with Allied command as well as continental resistance forces. I had not known of that nor, I suspect, do other readers of war history. The drama told in this exciting story is fiction but it's based on real, though little known, similar events. Here the authors tell us of a SOE operator flown from Britain and dropped into occupied France to smuggle Jewish children into Switzerland and safety. The story takes unusual twists and turns as historic events and people get woven into what is an interesting, unusual, original and worthwhile read.

This is a first joint effort from the husband and wife team and it merits close attention. After finishing the novel the reader is left with the feeling it's not just a creation of their imagination but a story which has been in their souls and family history for some time and has finally burst out. This is worth reading." - Elec


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