Where Does It End?

Sapphire, a Jewish Army operative, and her lover, Granola, a British SOE operative, join forces and land in Toulon, which is still occupied by the Nazis, to find hiding Jews. Once found, they must bring them out to a waiting merchant ship which may or may not be there. The predicament here is that the Jews are a large group. There are more than 180 men, women, and children that cannot stay in Occupied France. Death would be a certainty if arrested and taken to the concentration camps. Then, even if they are smuggled to the waiting ship, they will still need to get to Palestine and safety.


A journey that must be done against the will of the British Empire. The Royal Navy intercepted many ships that were bringing Jews to safety. Sapphire and Granola face the prowling Gestapo, traitors in their own ranks, and much uncertainty. Some say it will be an impossible mission, that it cannot be done successfully. A book that will stir the reader’s conscience. A lot more happened outside the available history books – this story is one of them. Where Does It End? follows on the first book, When Does It End?

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